City of Rochester is seeking a Christmas Tree for downtown holiday display

Sep 16, 2023

The Department of Public Works is initiating its search for a Christmas Tree for the annual Holiday Display, in Central Square.

“We always look forward to this event,” said Lisa Clark, Deputy Director Operations & Admin., Department of Public Works. “Anyone interested in donating a tree should contact DPW prior to October 10, 2023.”

According to Clark, Savatree Service donates the service removal of the tree from the property.

The City is looking for a Balsam Fir or Blue Spruce in good condition. The tree must be located within city limits and should be approximately 25-35 feet tall. A “sole trunk” with 1 top (no split tops or trunks) is preferred.

“Location and ease of access will be considered. We try to avoid any power lines or fencing that would need to be removed,” Clark continued.

Contact Lisa Clark at (603) 332-4096 if you have a tree for consideration.

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