Conservation Commission hosts successful clean-up of Cocheco River, 20+ volunteers attended

Apr 22, 2024

The Rochester Conservation Commission is pleased to report that more than 20 volunteers gathered to clean up a polluted section of the Cocheco River on Saturday, April 13.

The effort was organized to address a specific bend of the river that has experienced severe trash collection. The problem was brought to the City’s attention by local residents interested in finding a solution.

An action plan developed on previous observations was to form a line down a steep hill to the area, where items could be passed or pulled up by rope. However, prior precipitation events created site conditions that did not allow access to the main collection of debris.

According to organizers, the group successfully removed a large amount of debris from the challenging shoreline.

In addition to plastic trash, many metal (and heavy) items were found, including a spare tire, truck tailgate, road signpost, mechanical pump, metal chair, automotive leaf springs, rain gutters, part of a child’s metal swing set, and metal fencing.

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