Franklin Gallery to present ‘Two Friends, Two Views’ with works by Tom Glover and Lawrence Driscoll

Apr 29, 2024

The Franklin Gallery at RiverStones Custom Framing, 33 N. Main Street in Rochester, will host an exhibit during the month of May entitled “Two Friends, Two Views.” It features the work of artists Tom Glover and Lawrence Driscoll.   An opening reception will be held on Friday, May 3 from 5 p.m. to 6:30 p.m.  The public is invited to come and view the exhibit and meet the artists.  Light refreshments will be served.

Although he has a degree in studio art, Driscoll spent most of his career teaching art to middle school students.  In recent years, however, Driscoll has started painting again.  “I rediscovered my passion for the sky, clouds in particular. The colors, textures, shapes, forms and contrasts fascinate and as it turns out, inspire me.” Combined with his long-time love of the English countryside and newfound love of the Sonoran Desert, this has motivated him to capture and share his love for these two beautiful places. This is his second exhibit at RiverStones. “I am honored to show with Tom Glover again,” said Larry.

Tom Glover is a local artist as well as a framer at RiverStones Custom Framing.  Tom took this group of paintings out of the “great exodus of paintings going from my old studio to my new home studio.  In that transition, I had to sift through about four hundred paintings.”  Although unsure of the cohesiveness of this grouping, Glover is hoping that one or two might appeal to the viewers.  “I am also very happy to be exhibiting again beside my long-time friend and fellow artist Lawrence Driscoll,” says Tom.

Lawrence Driscoll has a BA in Studio Art from SIU – Edwardsville, and completed his art teacher education/certification at Franklin Pierce College.  He taught middle school art at Somersworth and Casa Grande, Arizona, and is currently teaching art at Rochester Middle School. His interests include music, art, history, science, current issues, the environment, cooking, brewing, bird watching, and cycling.  He currently resides in Barrington.

Tom Glover studied with John Laurent for over two decades. He met John at the University of New Hampshire where John had taught for 30 years. Glover also studied with John Hatch, Sigmund Abeles and Conley Harris, among others. It was the connection with Laurent and his ties to early modern American painting through Marin, Hartley and Walt Kuhn that intrigued Glover. “I feel that art builds upon itself as each group of painters passes on ideas, techniques, manifestos–an ethos of aesthetic concerns,” says Glover. “Through the years an artist begins to absorb and modulate that knowledge and insight.”

Glover’s work often involves thematic concerns and investigation. He has done artist retreats on White Island of the Isle of Shoals; Great Spruce Head Island, where he was able to use Fairfield Porters easel to paint on the island; and Block Island where he continues to visit and work.

He has travelled to Rome, Florence, Siena, Cinque Terre, Milan, Ascoli Piceno, London, Amsterdam and many far flung places in the states. He has been Artist in Residence on Appledore Island. He has taught at the University of New Hampshire and presently teaches at Sanctuary Arts in Eliot, Maine.

RiverStones Custom Framing and the Franklin Gallery are open Wednesday through Friday, 11 a.m. until 5 p.m. and Saturday, 10 a.m. until 2 p.m. For information about this exhibit and other RiverStones events and services, call (603) 812-1488, or send an e-mail to [email protected]. You may also visit or on Facebook at

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