Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce names 2024 Educator of the Year

May 23, 2024

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce recently presented its first annual Educator of the Year award. This award was conceived to recognize outstanding educators who embody the highest standards of teaching excellence and make a lasting impact on the lives of their students. The criteria for this prestigious award includes dedication to teaching, innovation in education, student-centered approach, leadership, and community involvement. At the Chamber’s Annual Awards Celebration held on Wednesday evening, May 22, 2024, at The Oaks Grandview Ballroom, the Chamber presented the 2024 Educator of the Year award to Ron Goodwin, Director of Music and Performing Arts at Spaulding High School.

Ron Goodwin has been a music teacher at Spaulding High School for nearly 14 years.  Several years ago, the administration recognized his leadership skills and made him chair of the music department. He was also named the district department chair for all K-12 music teachers. In his role, he has been instrumental in securing thousands of dollars to repair and replace instruments for students in elementary, middle and high school music programs. He secured funding for curriculum materials, and he spearheaded a months-long effort to replace aging uniforms for the Spaulding High School band.

Colleagues of Ron Goodwin describe his dedication to his students as second to none, indicating that he spends countless extra hours at Spaulding to ensure students have the most positive experiences while in high school.  His students appreciate and respect the time and effort he gives to them, resulting in high-quality music and drama productions for the community.

According to Rochester School Board member, Matt Pappas, “my two daughters excelled in all academics in part due to the skills and aptitudes they learned in the music program. These lifelong skills and habits are very useful as they navigate through life”.

When presented with the award, Lauren Jerr, Extended Learning Opportunities Director at Spaulding High School, stated that “Ron Goodwin has consistently demonstrated unparalleled dedication to his students’ success and a deep commitment to our local community. His passion for education, tireless efforts, and positive impact on the community make him a true beacon of excellence in teaching”.

As a band director for Spaulding High School, all of his students’ work is regularly on display for thousands of area residents. Ron Goodwin continues the excellence that is expected of the band which results in happy spectators in area parades.

According to one of his students, Emily Buinicky, “When I walk across that stage in June, I will be grateful for all of the music he taught me, but I will be even more grateful for the life lessons he taught me.’

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the efforts, programs, and dedication that are consistently provided to his students. We are delighted to present our first annual Educator of the Year award to Ron Goodwin.

Presenting the Educator of the Year award to Ron Goodwin was Lauren Jerr, Extended Learning Opportunities Director at Spaulding High School.

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