Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce names 2024 Nonprofit of the Year

May 23, 2024

The Non-Profit of the Year award presented by the Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is one of the Chamber’s most prestigious business awards. This award, sponsored by Living Innovations, is bestowed upon a nonprofit that demonstrates excellence in their organization and in their community.  It also recognizes a Chamber member that has provided a significant impact to the betterment of the greater Rochester area. At the Chamber’s Annual Awards Celebration held on Wednesday evening, May 22, 2024, at The Oaks Grandview Ballroom, the Chamber presented the 2024 Nonprofit of the Year to the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts.

Founded in 2011, the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts is an all-volunteer, community art initiative, dedicated to making contemporary works accessible to people of all ages and socioeconomic levels. Through the presentation of fine arts, the RMFA enriches people’s lives and celebrates talent and diversity. The museum’s display is located at the James W. Foley Memorial Community Center – home of the Bernier Room, Pixel Room, and permanent collection, and at the Rochester Public Library – home of the Carnegie Gallery and permanent collection.

The RMFA’s permanent collection contains more than 200 multidisciplinary works donated by artists from around the world. It is one of the largest and most impressive free public art collections in New Hampshire. From painting and sculpture to printmaking and film, the collection represents an ever-evolving range of visual expression.

According to Rochester Mayor Paul Callaghan, “The museum has fostered a vibrant arts community and has enriched the lives of countless people. The museum is a valuable asset to the City of Rochester, and I believe it is a worthy recipient of this award”.

The impact of the museum’s permanent collection has helped to beautify public buildings in Rochester, providing a place for local artists to showcase their works of art.

Michael Scala, Director of Economic Development for the City of Rochester, states that “the RMFA has commissioned and installed numerous works of art in public spaces throughout the City. These installations have helped to attract visitors and new business to the area, increasing foot traffic and economic vitality”.

RMFA has received numerous accolades, including the American Arts Award for Best Art Museum or Gallery in NH, and Top 20 Best Art Museums in the U.S.

They have remained faithful to their mission of making art accessible to everyone. By using public spaces to showcase art and engage with visitors, the RMFA is able to promote a greater understanding and appreciation of art, and create a more inclusive and vibrant community.

The Greater Rochester Chamber of Commerce is proud to recognize the efforts, initiatives, and business partnerships that are consistently provided to the community, and is pleased to present its 2024 Non-Profit of the Year award to the Rochester Museum of Fine Arts.

Last year’s Non-Profit of the Year recipient, Kerry Norton of Hope on Haven Hill, presented this year’s award.

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