Menzel Family donates 30ft spruce for downtown Christmas Tree

Nov 27, 2023

The Rochester Department of Public Works has selected the 2023 Christmas Tree for the Downtown Holiday display. This year the tree will be donated by the Menzel family at 298 Washington Street. The Menzel tree is a beautiful spruce that stands approximately 30 feet tall. 

Mr. Menzel stated that the family purchased their home in 1984. This beautiful Spruce was planted around 1989 by their son Adam. Adam and his two siblings brought home saplings from school after the Arbor Day Foundation distributed seedlings to each student. Mr.  Menzel said he and his family have enjoyed the tree over the years, but it has now grown to an unsustainable size. Mr. Menzel states that his family appreciates their community and all the wonderful friendships they have made here he would like other people to enjoy the tree this season. He explains that he and his family make this donation as this is a time when all of our community could benefit from gestures of unity and joy.

On November 15th, the Save a Tree Company of Rochester donates their staff time and equipment each year. This year the Save a Tree representatives were Richard Sevigny, Chad Demers, Michael Bowles, AJ McKee, and Rob Gorden.  They assisted the DPW with removing the tree from the Washington Street property and helped to erect it on Christmas Tree Island downtown.  The DPW staff that transported and assisted in getting the tree perfectly placed were Paul Michaud, Joe Sanborn, Scott Richey, Josh Roseberry, Freeman Sprague, and Richard Wentworth.

The DPW Staff will work through the entire month of November to have our downtown lights and decorations up for the Holiday season. The season is kicked off with the Christmas Tree Lighting event on December 1st and the Holiday Day Parade on December 3rd, 2023.

This year’s decorations were made by the Monarch School Students, the YMCA Daycare Program, and the Rochester Elementary School Students.  The Monarch School Students will also assist the DPW Staff in trimming the tree during the week of November 27th.

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