Public Library showcasing original art by Marcey Buchakjian all month

Sep 18, 2023

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to present a selection of work by local artist Marcey Buchakjian for the month of September.

Marcey Buchakjian is an artist with a diverse range of talents who has spent the last few decades exploring various forms of art. She’s worked with bronze casting, ceramics, and traditional oil painting. She’s even tried her hand at installation art, using unusual materials like pet fur, human hair, and handmade doilies from her Grandma.

Marcey has a special fascination with textures found in everyday objects like ginger roots, pear cactus fruit, seashells, and seed pods. She enjoys creating imaginative connections between these objects, turning them into couples and families through her art. Additionally, she has a strong interest in children’s picture book art and has started to create her own charming characters and illustrations.

Beyond her art, Marcey is a dedicated elementary art teacher in Rochester. At home, she’s a devoted mother to two creative children who have supported her artistic endeavors, especially during the challenges of the pandemic.

Her passion for art is closely tied to her commitment to inspiring creativity in her students and children, encouraging them to take risks, explore, and embrace the surprises that arise during the creative process.

The exhibit will be on view for the month of September on the first floor of the Rochester Public Library, 65 South Main Street. Visit to learn more.

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