Rochester Main Street welcomes Rayne Refillery to downtown Rochester

Aug 18, 2023

Rochester Main Street is pleased to announce that Rayne Refillery has opened at 14 North Main Street, in downtown Rochester.

Rayne Refillery is a family-owned business, founded by a Mother and daughter team who are passionate about creating a space where you can purchase products that are plastic-free, cruelty-free, plant-based, and all-natural.

Initially founded in Alton, NH in 2021, there are now more than 30 products available for refill, which means customers can bring in their own containers and refill with eco-friendly products.

“The fewer single-use plastics we buy, the less trash we produce,” as said in a description on “By reducing trash in our homes and businesses, we send less to the landfills and give the planet some extra time to recover from all of the plastic it already contains.”

According to their website, shopping reusable helps reduce the emission levels of CO2 and other pollutants. It also lowers the demand for new single-use plastic products, which can result in less extraction of natural resources and less production, both of which inevitably cause pollution.

Visit to learn more and see store hours.

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