Rochester Public Library and Monarch School of New England Collaborate on Wooden Suggestion Box

Apr 17, 2024

The Rochester Public Library is pleased to announce a collaboration with the Monarch School of New England to enhance its facilities and programming and provide an opportunity for public engagement.

In a joint effort, the Library commissioned the Woodworking Department of the Monarch School to craft a wooden suggestion box for the Teen Room. The project was undertaken as an independent study by one of the school’s students, showcasing their talent and craftsmanship.

Amanda Martineau, representative from the Monarch School of New England, expressed gratitude for the collaboration, stating, “Our students are incredibly capable, and the beautiful end result really shows his hard work! Thank you to the Rochester Public Library for this opportunity for our organizations to work together!”

Amy Lemelin, Teen Librarian at the Rochester Public Library, commended the student’s skills and the quality of the suggestion box, remarking, “It really is beautiful. It is clear that the student is talented and put a lot of thought and effort into every detail. We are grateful for the opportunity to work with the Monarch School and hope to work with them more in the future.”

The Teen Room at the Rochester Public Library offers a variety of media and activities to Rochester teens. The Rochester Public Library is located at 65 South Main Street. Visit to learn more.

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