Rochester Public Library Children’s Room introduces activity kits for young explorers

Oct 30, 2023

The Children’s Room, at the Rochester Public Library, is pleased to provide activity kits for young explorers. Just like any library book, these specially curated kits are available for checkout and are designed to provide children with an opportunity to discover new passions and interests.

Library Assistant Laura expresses the value of these kits, stating, “Activity Kits provide access for kids to explore a variety of new hobbies and interests without families needing to commit to their upfront costs.”

Children’s Librarian Christina adds, “We’ve always offered how-to books, but these activity kits take things one step further by offering items in addition to books.”

To get started, parents and guardians are required to sign a one-time waiver. You can find the waiver form and more information about the available kits on the Children’s Room page of the library’s website.

The current selection of Activity Kits includes options for birding, bug hunting, nature trails, chess, yoga, singing, drawing, tongue drumming, map and compass navigation, and even juggling, providing a wide array of choices to inspire new interests.

For more information, contact the Children’s Room Desk at (603) 335-7549 or visit the library’s website at

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