Rochester Recreation & Arena seeks public input with Community Engagement Survey

Feb 22, 2024

Rochester Recreation & Arena, in collaboration with the Strafford Regional Planning Commission, is encouraging Rochester residents to participate in the Rochester Recreation & Arena Community Engagement Survey. This survey is a vital component of the ongoing efforts to update the department’s Recreation Master Plan.

According to Recreation Director Lauren Krans, the survey is designed to capture insights from residents and program participants, ensuring that future recreational developments align with the needs and preferences of the community.

“We look forward to using community feedback to help build our department’s road map for the future,” said Krans. “Many responses from a diversity of people will help us better serve the community as a whole.”

Residents are encouraged to complete the survey, which takes approximately 10 minutes, and to spread the word with friends, family, and neighbors in Rochester.

To take the survey, click here

For general inquiries, contact Lisa Murphy, Strafford Regional Planning Commission, at [email protected] or Lauren Krans at [email protected]. For additional details and information, please visit

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