Rochester resident and business owner to become next president of NH Professional Photographers Association

Feb 7, 2024

Rochester resident Shawn Pierce, owner of Studio Two Seven Nine, LLC in Rochester, and a distinguished member of the New Hampshire Professional Photographers Association (NHPPA), is thrilled to announce his acceptance of the nomination for the position of President of the Board for the 2024-25 fiscal year.

Having joined NHPPA in the fall of 2017, Pierce quickly found a welcoming community and has since experienced significant personal and professional growth. Reflecting on their journey, Pierce acknowledges the supportive environment fostered by NHPPA, attributing much of their development as a professional photographer to the organization.

The formal swearing-in ceremony is scheduled to take place during the NHPPA Annual Conference, slated for April 26-29. Pierce’s term officially commences on June 1, 2024, marking a return to board service after a prior role as Director from 2018-2022. The decision to rejoin the board comes after a brief hiatus to focus on his photography business.

Expressing eagerness to contribute to the association’s future, Pierce looks forward to working collaboratively with fellow board members to steer NHPPA toward continued success.

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