Unitil will be conducting Annual Gas Service Line inspections starting April 29

Apr 29, 2024

Unitil will be conducting its Annual Gas Service Line inspections in Rochester starting the week of April 29 with internal employees and contracted technicians. Service Line Inspections should conclude by the end of October.

This important leakage safety inspection is required by both federal and state code.

Each inspector shall be wearing a High Visibility Safety vest with the Unitil Logo on the back of it and his or her personal use vehicles should have a Unitil magnet displayed. All inspectors will also have Unitil-issued badges with picture identification. Some inspectors will have the word “contractor” on their Unitil IDs.

Service Line inspections involve technicians walking the length of the service line from the street directly to the gas meter(s) located at the residence. In some cases, this may include entering the residence, but this is only done with the owner’s permission.

As a result of the above-mentioned activities, some homeowners may question a technician’s presence on their property and contact the local Police Department.
Knowing this may occur, we wanted to make sure your department was aware of the reason for our planned work.

Below are the names of the individual(s) we have scheduled to work in your area should you be contacted about a certain individual or make contact with someone yourself.

William Leatham
Ed Connors
Penny McGrath
Patrick McGrath
Jessica Sweet
Christopher Sweet
Michael Hossler

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